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Why use our Courses?

Student-Centric Curriculum

Empower your child with a curriculum that adapts to their pace of learning and interests, fostering a passion for coding.

Expert Educators

Our team of highly-trained teachers is dedicated to nurturing coding skills in children, providing personalized guidance every step of the way.

Laptop Provision

Ensure children have the tools they need to succeed with our provision of laptops, facilitating seamless learning both in and out of the classroom.

Collaborative Framework

Foster teamwork and creativity in children through our collaboration framework, where kids work together to solve challenges and build innovative projects.

Hands-On Projects

Encourage practical learning with our emphasis on hands-on projects, allowing children to apply coding skills to real-world scenarios.

Progress Tracking

Stay informed about the coding journey of your child with our progress tracking system, providing insights into their development and achievements.

Our Courses



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Frequently Asked Questions

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What support is available for beginners?

How can I track my child's progress in the coding program?

Are the coding lessons interactive and engaging for young learners?

Do students need any prior coding experience to enroll?

How often are new coding challenges and projects introduced?

Can my child showcase their coding projects in a portfolio or share them with friends and family?

How can I enroll my child in SmartBrains Kenya's coding program?


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